Love for FemTribe

“Erin Fitzgerald [Erin Peterson] has been my personal trainer for about 18 months now. She is an absolute delight to work with. She has kept me coming back to the gym every week, something I used to hate to do. She has a wonderful ability to challenge and encourage me. She is very knowledgeable about various forms and styles of exercise and is great at adapting things to my level. My stamina, flexibility and strength have all improved dramatically in the last 18 months, thanks to her! I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.”
~Regina S.


“I started working with Erin Fitzgerald [Erin Peterson] in April 2014. I had not been in a gym in 14 years, and knew I needed help and guidance to become fit and healthy again. Erin is such a caring and inspiring person to work with! She is mindful of your physical and mental condition (recognizing negative self-imaging and helping you change your mind-set). She works with your limitations and any injuries in a respectful, supportive way. She has incredible patience, and makes each training session different, challenging (but not impossible), and encourages you to keep going during those moments where you want to quit. Erin also has gone above and beyond in providing information about dietary changes and improvements in fueling your body so it can perform and feel better. In the eight months that I’ve worked with Erin, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, gone down almost 3 dress sizes, and have gained muscle and a level of fitness that I didn’t think I’d ever experience again. I am excited to see what the future brings, and what I can accomplish with Erin’s guidance!”
~Joann H.


"Erin’s high energy is contagious and very encouraging; she makes me want to do my best. Erin comes prepared with a plan tailored just for me to work every muscle and because it’s different every time, it’s never boring. Since I’m almost 60, it’s important to me to stay injury-free, and I’ve never had an injury while working out with Erin. She’s careful to take me to my limit without exceeding it.  YES, it is hard! That said, it’s always fun. Erin keeps me excited about my fitness and even after three years of training with Erin, I continue to reach new goals I never thought I could achieve. What I tell others is that personal training is by far the most valuable fitness dollar I’ve ever spent. I’ve worked out on my own for years and yet I’ve never seen results like I’ve had since training with Erin."
~ Patti W. 
"I have had the privilege of working with Erin for almost 3 years. She has been my personal trainer for that time and I have also taken her group exercise and Zumba classes. All are fantastic. Erin possesses the unique ability to quickly evaluate a person's abilities and design creative strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises that match with their personal goals. She does this with a great understanding of the whole person, lots of creativity, a great sense of fun and humor, lots of positive energy and always understanding and kindness. You are pushed beyond anything you think you can do and in a short time see transformations in strength, confidence and reaching your goals. I can't say enough about Erin as a great trainer, teacher and human being!"
~ Jane H. 
"I have had the pleasure to work with Ms Erin Fitzgerald [Mrs. Erin Peterson] as my personal trainer for months now. She is very knowledgeable in her field, varying exercises and degrees of intensity in accordance with a client's abilities, even tuned to my level of energy on any particular day and showing quick adaptation skills. She is also great at always explaining why she recommends any given exercise, what it does inside the body, etc.... linking comprehension and performance in a truly helpful manner. 
Erin has always displayed a wonderful sunny personality throughout all the months I have worked with her. She manages to be very friendly and cheerful while always being professional and respectful, energetic and positive but still serene and poised. I can honestly say I am very satisfied with the results I have obtained under her guidance, and probably couldn't have reached my goals without her encouragement and praise."
~Veronique W.