Small Group Training

Small Group Training

**We are currently FULL and therefore not accepting any new small group training clients. Check out our online coaching!


Get the benefits of personal training in a team setting and at a lower cost than one-on-one training!

Clients can put together their own group or email to put their name on a group waiting list/see what days and times are currently available. 

These are personal training sessions reduced in price by training in a group of three people. 

Each participating athlete will start at one of three given exercises and perform the given movement for 30-45sec. Then the group as a whole will rotate until all three exercises have been completed by all three athletes. Then as a team, the three athletes will complete a 1-minute cardio challenge. We repeat these series 2-3x before moving on to a new set of exercises. 

The workouts are designed to build one's cardio vascular endurance, build lean muscle, and build camaraderie among the three athletes. 

Furthermore, these full body workouts utilize equipment such as cables, free weights, barbells, resistance bands, and other functional equipment such as lebert bars, active motion bars, SRT bars and more. Sessions change each week to avoid boredom and plateaus.


Small Group Training ONLY comes in hour long sessions (60-minutes). 

Three (3) people MAX @ $15 per person


Pink Package: One (1) small group training session per week

Price: $60 per month


Navy Package: Two (2) small group training sessions per week

Price: $120 per month