Hi! We are the Peterson's! We were married at the end of August in 2016. Marriage is nothing like we ever imagined... it is definitely better! Growing up we each had preconceived ideas of what it meant to be married, but we have come to learn how wrong we were. We are a partnership. We are equals. We are extremely strong individually, and together we are ready to explore the world! 


I love honest, open, vulnerable, authentic connection with others. We are all only human in this messy world, so let’s do all we can to support one another.
— Erin

Erin Kathleen Peterson

Personal Trainer, Coach at Orange Theory Fitness, Zumba Teacher, Group Exercise Instructor, and graduate student working towards MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Erin received her BFA in Dance from the University of Iowa. From there she moved to Denver, CO where she began her professional dance career dancing with various companies including Hannah Kahn Dance, Kim Robards Dance, and the AXS Group

She has been a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for the past ten years, and has loved every minute of it! Erin is  a NASM licensed trainer, AFAA licensed trainer, Zumba instructor, Insanity Instructor, Vipr Trainer, Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist, and women's health/fitness educator. 

Additionally, Erin is graduate student at Regis University working towards her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Contact: ekpeterson39@gmail.com 

Play hard, work hard, love hard... the bottom line for me is to live life to the fullest, striving to make each day meaningful by finding something positive to learn and grow from.
— Brendan

Brendan Peterson

Colorado Sales Executive for Quench, USA

A Colorado native born in Colorado Springs, CO, Brendan received his bachelors degree in Resort management from Metro State University of Denver. In addition, he also studied at Montfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado. During college, Brendan was recruited to play college baseball and ended his career at MSU. 

He is currently in pursuit of his NASM personal training license, but has been involved in the world of fitness since '03.

Brendan currently works at Quench, USA selling point-of-use water filtration systems for commercial and personal use. 

Contact: brendanpeterson39@gmail.com