11 Things I've Gained From Weightlifting

Author: Erin Boettcher


Have you ever noticed that the general conversation about women and fitness tends to revolve around reducing something? Losing weight, getting smaller, eating less. We measure our success in pounds lost, calories cut, and smaller waistlines. When we become so focused on goals based on restriction and limiting ourselves, we rarely grow. And we rarely feel empowered. 


Since I started consistently weightlifting about a year ago I have gained so much. If lifting heavy things has taught me anything, it’s the power of having positive, empowering goals rather than restrictive, disempowering ones. So as a tribute to my new found love of lifting weights, here’s a list of 11 things I’ve gained from weightlifting.


  1. The realization that I am strong. Usually stronger than I think I am

  2. Learning to be comfortable with, and actually enjoy, being one of only a few women in the free weights section of the gym

  3. Refreshment after hours spent sitting and working on the computer

  4. Confidence that I can try new things and push myself further than I thought I could go

  5. More muscle and stronger muscles

  6. Realizing that rest and recovery are just as important a part of training as a really good workout

  7. After a tough day where nothing seems to go right, I can still head to the gym and put in a good workout, knowing I am making progress towards my goals

  8. Another outlet for my love of planning, tracking, and organizing

  9. The satisfaction that comes from lifting a heavier weight than I did the day or week before

  10. Respecting my body for all that it is capable of

  11. Witnessing the slow, steady change - in body and mindset - that comes with consistency over time