Summer Camping Packing List

Going on a Summer Camping Trip? Here’s What to Pack!


Warm weather is here! Camping is one of my favorite activities to do in the summer. Being outside, the smell of a campfire and pine trees, hiking on a trail and seeing no cars, people or skyscrapers... I love it all.

Camping seems like it should be simple to pack for... food, shelter, water.... you’re done right? Wrong! Packing for a camping trip can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t an avid camper. So here are a few things you can throw in your bag that will make your camping trip more of a pleasant experience and keep you coming back to the woods time and again. I always have my camping list ready so I can pack at a moment’s notice. So here it goes!



There is obvious gear you need such as a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad/mattress, camp grill or firewood and food! I always pack all my clothes, gear, etc. in a backpack that can be emptied out and used as a hiking backpack too. When it comes to camping toiletries, the travel aisle of Target is my best friend. You can get everything you need but in a small sized versions.  Also, be aware of anything that you use to wash dishes, your face/body etc (i.e. Toothpaste). We want to preserve nature's beauty and leave it in pristine condition for future generations to enjoy as well. So try to stick with products that do not contain a lot of chemicals. I try to keep all my camping stuff as organic and natural as possible. Obviously, that is not always possible but being aware of what you are leaving behind at your campsite is just as important as what you bring to it. 


My gear essentials:  

-Toothbrush, toothpaste (bonus point for organic!)

-Face wipes/wet wipes

-Toilet paper (a necessity)

-Small mirror and brush/comb

-Camp soap (castile soap is AMAZING, you can use it on your body and it is 100% organic so you can wash your dishes with it in a stream!)

-Chapstick and sunscreen

-Small sized leave in conditioner (perfect for if you are going to be camping near a lake or river) 

-Dry shampoo (I love using dry shampoo on my hair if it has been a couple days since showering)



-Roll of duct tape (for repairs of shoes, gear, etc.)

-Bug spray


-Headlamp or flashlight





The most important thing to remember when packing clothes for a camping trip is to be minimal but ready for any sort of weather. I usually pack sandals for hanging out around camp, and then hiking boots and socks for long hikes. Lightweight, breathable and water resistant are all helpful features for summer camping clothes. 


Clothing essentials: 

-Long lightweight pants (bonus points if they are waterproof or water resistant!)

-Tank top and shorts

-Long sleeve shirt


-Sweatpants or leggings for relaxing by the campfire

-Breathable sports bra and underwear

-Fleece or sweatshirt for chilly nights

-Hat and sunglasses

-Headband (the company Buff makes awesome headbands that can also double as a neck warmer) 


I am a fairly low maintenance gal, so feel free to bring more than what is on my list. This is definitely the basics. But I find the simpler the better when it comes to getting outdoors. And remember, packing for your camping trip gets gets easier with practice. The first few times you go, take notes on what you forgot or would like to have, AND take notes on what you did not use or could have gone without. 

Happy Camping!