Freedom Is Possible

Author: Erin Boettcher


If you and I sat down together over a cup of coffee and you asked me to tell you about my health and fitness journey, I’d probably use the word “freedom” a lot. Freedom may not seem relevant to living a healthy life, but for me it has been key. My journey pursuing health has been successful and life-giving only when it is accompanied by freedom. So what has freedom looked like for me?

Freedom looks like pursuing health because I love who I am, not in order to love myself.

Freedom looks like being excited to go to the gym because it reminds me how strong I am, both physically and mentally.

Freedom looks like making healthy choices to support and empower all of the other things I want to do with my life.

Freedom looks like pressure-free food choices, like choosing health without the constant internal battle.

Freedom looks like giving a mental high five to each person at the gym rather than falling into the trap of comparison.

Freedom looks like gratitude for exactly where I am in my health journey, thankful for all that this body can do.

Freedom also looks like continuing to push myself toward new goals, better health, and greater freedom.

So for anyone who feels like freedom in this area is elusive, if not impossible, I want you to hear this message: Freedom. Is. Possible. Did you get that? Freedom is possible. Believe me, I need a reminder that freedom is possible, too. There are still challenges and times when it seems hard. But freedom IS possible, and I know because I’ve experienced it! And once you’ve tasted freedom, you can’t help but want everyone else to taste it too.

If you don’t believe freedom is possible, you’re off the hook. You don’t have to put any effort into attaining freedom, because it’s not real. But if freedom is indeed possible, then what do you have to lose by pursuing it with your whole self? Now that I know freedom is real, there’s no excuse for not running hard after that freedom every single day. Will you join me?