Vipr Training: Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning

The Vipr an amazing workout tool that allows you to work your body in all three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal, and transverse) which in turn, improves overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. The Vipr was designed to mimic everyday functional actives such as lifting up a heavy box, ice skating with friends, or carrying a baby on one hip. The Vipr is designed to take into account all the movement and energy everyday life and/or sports demand.

Movement is essential to training healthy and well performing bodies. The more we move in dynamic ways, using our full body in training programs, the better we feel. Adding weight to movement gives the body a double benefit – we learn to move better, and become stronger and fitter at the same time.

When using the Vipr, every time you move, you are integrating almost all of the bodies musculature to produce force. Therefore, every exercise becomes a core exercise, every exercise becomes a strength exercise, and every exercise becomes an agility exercise.

Loaded Movement Training effectively challenges and conditions muscle, fascia, nerves, skin and other systems of the body. Science shows that moving with load improves balance, agility and dynamic strength, to reach goals such as weight management, improved functionality in all aspects of life, and enhanced performance in every level of sport.

So whether you are a novice exerciser or a professional athlete, the Vipr has something to offer you. It is a powerful tool, that when used correctly and paired with regular gym workouts, will produce amazing results.