Spot Treatment

"I hate my thighs"

"I want to get rid of the bat wings on my arms"

"I want a six pack"

Sound familiar? People are constantly looking for the quick-fix, magical exercises that will transform their bodies into a dream machine. People want amazing results, but with less time and effort put in at the gym. But do site specific exercises actually work?

We all have those certain body parts that we wish were different. And so logically, it would make sense that, if you wanted a flat stomach, you would just do abs. Or if you wanted smaller thighs, you would just do leg workouts. However, the human body doesn't work like this. When your body holds excess fat, just targeting that body part with specific exercises will not produce the results you want. Instead, you must do full body, fat burning workouts that consists of weight resistance training and high intensity cardio for shorter bouts of time.

So doing a million crunches, while may make your core stronger, will be in vain. Because until you lose/burn more fat, no one will see your abs under the layer of fat resting on top of your muscles. You instead need to focus on full body workouts that use lots of major muscle groups.

"Don't focus on a body part. Try to get them all," said Burron, a spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise. "You might have beautiful triceps -- it may not be flopping all over the place. Until the fat is gone, most people wouldn't know it's there."

To sum it up with a perfect analogy, trying to burn fat in one specific area of your body is like trying to use only the gas from top left corner of your gas tank. It doesn't work. You must use the entire tank for the best results.