Daily Weight Fluctuations

Daily weight fluctuations are normal. That's right… NORMAL! So stop stressing out about the scale so much. A scale has a nasty way of getting into people's heads in a negative way. So instead of stressing about an arbitrary number that has many different factors involved in it, focus instead on how your body feels, how your clothes fit, and your compliance to your diet and workouts.

Weight fluctuations can happen for a variety of reasons that don't always indicate ones success or failures. Changes in sodium, how much water you're drinking (low water intake can promote water retention), hormonal changes, glycogen status, and so much more, all affect the number you see on a scale. Think of the number you see on the scale as a data point for that given moment in time… not the end all be all of your fitness success.

So take this with you: stop putting so much value into what the scale says today because it will probably be a little different tomorrow and was a little different yesterday. Instead, spend your time and mental energy on things you can control; such as good nutrition, consistent training, and cardio. Because with that consistency and patience, not only will your body thank you, but you will see the results you want.