Cookies & Cream Protein Oatmeal

I absolutely LOVE oatmeal. Sometimes I go to bed at night, excited to wake up because I know I will get to eat oatmeal in the morning! (It's the little things in life, right?) There are so many amazing and healthy ways to cook oatmeal as well. The following recipes has been one of my favorites lately. Really high in protein and no added sugar and unhealthy junk… So get to it and start your mornings off right with a healthy bowl of warm oatmeal heaven! :)


1. Mix 1/4 cup dry oats with 1/2 cup water

2. Microwave for 1 minute

3. Add 3 tablespoons of egg whites and mix

4. Put back into the microwave for for 1.5 minutes

5. Add a scoop of protein powder. (I use Isopure's Cookies and Cream Flavor). Depending on your desired thickness of your oatmeal, you may or may not need to add a little splash of water into the mix

6. Mix and enjoy!!

**Addition, I also add in a sprinkle of chia and flax seeds for a good kick of Omega 3s