My name is Brendan Peterson and I am a 29 year old Colorado native. I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO and have found it hard to leave the most beautiful state in our nation as I enjoy all the outdoor activities CO has to offer. Growing up, my time was mainly spent with sports. Baseball, basketball, golf, football, wrestling, weight lifting, fishing, backpacking, camping and hiking.

After graduating from Coronado High School, I went to Otero Junior College in La Junta, CO to play Junior College Baseball. Little did I know what life would be like in such a small town. Making great friends and playing baseball everyday was a dream fulfilled. Studying for my associates in business and graduating Magna Cum Lade. I spent 2 years in Region IX, redshirting my first year. From Otero, I went to Greeley, CO and played baseball while studying at Monfort College of Business. Business marketing and recreation and tourism were my emphasis. After spending a school year there, I decided to move to Denver and attend Metro State University and finish out my career there. Metro and Denver were all I had hoped it to be. With the city starting to boom, I decided it was time to get a job to be able to live in the thriving city.

I landed at Occasions Catering while studying Resort Management and Hospitality at Metro State in 2010. In 2014, I was brought in to help open a new restaurant premise on Larimer Square- Milk and Honey bar-kitchen as the Assistant Manager. It is a high-end craft cocktail and French style cuisine with an elaborate old/new world wine menu. While I have always enjoyed the hospitality industry and taking care of people, the work/life balance hasn’t always been known to swing in favor of LIFE. The decision was made to look for a new position outside of hospitality. Now in 2015, I was hired on at Dagmar Branding in my first sales role and loved it! Consulting with owners and managers of major brands, I helped to create an event experience for them through their events. That led me to recruitment from a national sales team and my current role at Quench USA as a territory sales rep delivering point of use water, ice and coffee systems. Sales is one of my passions, I truly enjoy the thrill of a sale from start to finish and also tying in my hospitality expertise to take care of clients.



In 2012 and while I was at Occasions, a beautiful red head, Erin, ended up working her first shift with me. Love at first sight! We started dating a few months later and then marrying each other in August 2016. It is truly the best feeling finding your soulmate, best friend and life partner. From early on, we loved to travel with each other. Whether it was a weekend trip to go camping, road tripping to California, the Pacific Northwest and Tennessee, or flying down for a week on the beach in Mexico. We always enjoy a change of pace and new scenery. Meeting new people and experiencing new culture is something we bonded over from the beginning.

Another passion that I have and we both share is fitness. Helping others achieve their goals and also breaking down ne barriers ourselves. From leading workouts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to dog/human workouts, we enjoy it all! I obtained my first personal training certification in 2018 and am excited to learn from one of the best trainers out there, my wife!