We Work with You to Develop Solutions that Fit Your Lifestyle.


"FemTribe is for anyone who is looking for something more in their workout routine and community.  "

At FemTribe, we don't want to just work you out and send you on your way. We care about you as a whole person. We are aiming to create a community of fitness enthusiastic people who want a tribe to grow in, both physically and mentally. Our classes and programs will kick your butt and leave you sweaty and tired, but we don't just stop there! We want to walk with you on your journey of fitness with integration of nutrition, counseling, spirituality or whatever else you may need.

We have a variety of group exercise classes for every level, style, age, etc. In addition we offer personal training services for women. Each client is assessed based on their goals and current degree of fitness, and then has a program tailored to their specific needs and body type. At FemTribe, we understand that no single human body is the same. Therefore, every individual must have a customized plan in order to reach their fitness goals, designed through the integration of physical fitness and nutrition. Instead your personal trainer at FemTribe will take the time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses so as to better build a program that will actually pay off and produce some real and lasting results. 

A lot of people ask why they would spend $300 per month on a fitness program versus going to a box gym and spending $25 per month. We answer that question with an analogy. Let's say you go to a shopping mall and spend $25 on a shirt that you need for work. This shirt isn't the best quality of fabric, but you think, "oh, well, it will do for now. It's better than nothing". You take the shirt home and wear it to work twice and after the brief life of the shirt and the two wash/dry cycles in the washing machine, you have to toss it out. It has lost it's color, its shape, and general appeal. Your initial excitement dissipates into disappointment. So what do you do? You go back to the store and purchase yet about shirt for $25. Again, the excitement floods back as you take the shirt home and the whole process and vicious cycle starts over again. On the other hand, what if you initially went to a high end store and purchased a more expensive shirt. With this expensive shirt however you also get timeless quality, durable and comfortable fabric, and when you wear the shirt to work, you co-workers notice. You take care of this shirt, because you have spent a lot of money on it already, you want it to last. You change your lifestyle because you want to maintain the initial quality of that shirt, so you consciously hang the shirt after wearing it or maybe you even take it to the dry cleaners. What if, instead of purchasing multiple $25 shirts that only provide fleeting excitement but no real quality, you instead saved your money and allocated that money to a more expensive and high quality shirt. In the end wouldn't you end up spending the same amount of money yet the results you get in return would be of real substance and value to you. 

This is how we view fitness. Yes, being a FemTribe member may cost more money than joining a box gym, but with our higher price comes higher quality. Of all the things in life to spend money on, one's health, wellness, and fitness truly is the investment that keeps on giving. FemTribe does't just want your money. We want to be a part of your journey. We want to help guide you through this crazy life filled with conflicting messages about happiness, weight loss, fitness, etc... We want you to be a part of the community. A part of the tribe. We don't just care about how great your booty looks in a pair of jeans (albeit if you follow the FemTribe program, it will look pretty spectacular) but we care about you as a person. We care about what food you nourish your body with. We care about your mental health and finding the right professional to guide you through this crazy life. We care about your family. We care about your job. We care about you. 

Workouts and programs are interactive, challenging and set to fun music. Additionally, FemTribe's trainers will push you beyond your expected limits. All skill levels are welcome! Our classes, personal training sessions, and events will leave you sweaty and tired, but ready to tackle your world. 

The greatest part about being a trainer isn’t watching clients lose weight, it’s watching them gain confidence. I love watching people connect to their bodies for (sometimes) the first time and realize just how strong they are! They’re doing all the work, I’m just along for the journey. So much respect.
— Erin K. Peterson